Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Maddox and I got to spend a week in Arizona visiting my family.  I was so nervous to fly with him because he has a good set of lungs that he enjoys using a lot.  It must have been the movement and noise from the plane because he looked like this the whole way...
I was so happy with how he did.  The trip home wasn't quite as joyful, but he was still a trooper considering the flight was 3 hours.

While there he got to meet Aunt Skippy and Aunt Tiffy.  He also met the Allen family, Kerry and Jack, and got to visit with Grammy and Grandpa again.  We had a great time.  He would nap in the stroller while we girls laid by the pool.  We went shopping, I got my hair and nails done, we ate lots of yummy food, and enjoyed the sunshine.  Mom babysat him while Skippy and I went to see the movie Non-Stop.  We really liked the movie.  I was able to exercise and enjoy some alone time.  Everyone wanted to hold him so it gave me a nice break.   It was a good mental health vacation.