Tuesday, October 28, 2014

9 Months

I haven't been very good at keeping up on Mr. Maddox's growth and development, but he is 9 months old today and has changed so much since he was born!  He sits up, has mastered the army crawl and can get anywhere with it.  He thinks it's so fun to open cupboards and swing open doors.  He loves banging on the air conditioning vent, windows, and pretty much anything hard that will make a noise.  His favorite activity is playing with the door stops and springing them back and forth.  He loves bathtime and will play in the tub as long as I let him.  His sleep habits are not so great.  He used to wake once a night, but recently he has been up several times.  He will go right back to sleep if I give him his pacifier.  He definitely has seperation anxiety.  He will cry if someone is not in his sight.  He still has no teeth and we sure love his big gummy smile!  His favorite foods are squash, strawberries, bananas, oatmeal, and puffs.  I love his sweet laugh and his big blue eyes.  I am so grateful to be his mom.  He has brought more joy than I could have ever imagined to our family.

 He loves to run with mom.

 Just a glimpse into my day with him.

Hanging out with cousin Davis in AZ.

Playdate with his friend Sariah.
They are about a week a part in age.

 I sure love my little family

Friday, July 11, 2014

Maddox Overload

We sure love our little guy and I sure love taking pictures of him.  Here are some of our favorites from his first 5 1/2 months of life…

Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Blessing

We blessed Maddox on Easter Sunday.  Both sets of parents came and two of Jacob's brothers Brian and Ben came with their families.  We all went to church together in the morning and blessed him at home after. It was so special and we are so grateful for the love and support from our families.  Maddox has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives over the past 3 1/2 months.

After the blessing we had a delicious Easter lunch.  We had a honey baked ham, rolls, funeral potatoes, green bean casserole, jello, an edible arrangement with chocolate covered pineapple shaped like bunnies, and texas sheet cake for dessert.  It was so fun to have family come and visit and celebrate Maddox's baby blessing with us.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Maddox and I got to spend a week in Arizona visiting my family.  I was so nervous to fly with him because he has a good set of lungs that he enjoys using a lot.  It must have been the movement and noise from the plane because he looked like this the whole way...
I was so happy with how he did.  The trip home wasn't quite as joyful, but he was still a trooper considering the flight was 3 hours.

While there he got to meet Aunt Skippy and Aunt Tiffy.  He also met the Allen family, Kerry and Jack, and got to visit with Grammy and Grandpa again.  We had a great time.  He would nap in the stroller while we girls laid by the pool.  We went shopping, I got my hair and nails done, we ate lots of yummy food, and enjoyed the sunshine.  Mom babysat him while Skippy and I went to see the movie Non-Stop.  We really liked the movie.  I was able to exercise and enjoy some alone time.  Everyone wanted to hold him so it gave me a nice break.   It was a good mental health vacation.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Maddox Jacob Voelkel

Well it has been forever since I blogged, but now that our sweet boy is here I will be better about keeping up.  We found out in May that we were having a baby due January 29th!  My parents came to visit over labor day weekend and I was able to schedule my ultrasound while they were in town.  We found out we were having a BOY.  We were both very excited.  My mom and I had so much fun picking out clothes and furniture for him.  We also redid an old dresser from my grandparents house.  We found the cutest sports knobs to put on.  I love the way it turned out.  The first half of pregnancy seemed to fly by, but the second half not so much.  I continued to work and Jacob continued in school.  I worked until January 17th and then decided to take a couple weeks off before the little guy came.

24 weeks

37 weeks

My mom and her friends threw me a wonderful baby shower at the beginning of November.

Wonderful little sister helping the pregnant lady through the airport.

Birth Story
I was not having any signs of labor so I had no hope of going early.  I was getting pretty uncomfortable, so I scheduled an induction for January 31st.  It felt good to have an end date in sight.  I had been having a lot of low back pain in the previous weeks and figured he was just moving down.  On Monday the 27th I started having a lot more low back pain.  By midnight I was in some serious pain.  It was still in my lower back so I wasn't really sure what it was.  I was expecting to feel tightening and pain in my stomach area, so I wasn't really sure.  Finally, at about 1:30am I woke Jacob up and told him I couldn't take it anymore.  Even if it wasn't labor I needed to go to the hospital.  I was not prepared to go to the hospital at all.  I hadn't packed a bag because I was sure I wouldn't be going in until Friday morning when I had scheduled the induction.  Jacob changed his clothes, I put on a coat and we were out the door to the hospital with no bag for me or the baby.  I think I will be a little more prepared next time around!  Lucky for me the hospital was only about 3 minutes away so we got there quickly and it was easy for Jacob to go home later and bring us what we needed.  Sure enough we got there and I was having contractions that were a minute a part.  I was just having so much pain in my back I wasn't noticing my stomach tightening.  I was dilated to a 4 and was able to get the epidural as soon as the doctor was available.  It didn't take too long for him to get there thankfully! I was able to relax for a bit afterwards.  I was still able to feel the contractions on my left side but not nearly as strong as they had been.  After a couple hours I was dilated to a 9.  I was stuck at 9 for a little while, but once my doctor broke my water it didn't take long to get to a 10.  I started pushing at about 10:15 am.  Maddox Jacob was finally born at 11:25am on January 28th.  He weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 21inches long.  He was as healthy as can be!  I was worried because I had tested positive for strep b and when the doctor broke my water she noticed the color and thought there could possibly be menconium in there.  They had some extra nurses in the room just in case, but he came out healthy healthy healthy and we couldn't ask for anything else!  Jacob's mom came and spent the next day with me after he was born so Jacob could get some studying done.  It was fun to have her there.  I can't believe he is almost 3 weeks old.  We have loved every minute with him.  It is very tiring, but so worth it!  My mom came out the Friday after he was born and stayed for a week and my dad joined the following weekend to meet his grandson.  It was so wonderful to have my mom's help. She was willing to do whatever whenever and it made the first week a much more enjoyable experience.  She cooked, cleaned, shopped, and snuggled our little guy whenever I wanted a nap.

Grammy and Maddox ready for the Superbowl!

Hat made by cousin Anna