Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I finally did it!  My education is very important to me, so I was not going to let anything stop me from finishing my degree.  I was so close to being done with school when I got married in December.  We moved to Kansas City two weeks after so Jacob could start school.  I had two general education courses left.  I had worked with a school counselor earlier on as we knew that leaving in December would be a possibility.  Instead of taking 20 credits my last semester while planning my wedding, I was able to take a political science class online through BYU independent study that would cover both the classes I needed.  It took me way longer than I would have liked, but I finished!  I am so very grateful that I was able to go to BYU.  I had so much fun and learned so many new things.  I met so many wonderful people and had some great experiences.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Mom and Dad Come to Town

     This weekend my parents came to visit.  It was my dad's first time to Kansas City and it was so fun to have them here.  They came in on Friday morning.  I brought them to our place and showed them around and soon mom and I were off shopping looking for new decorations.  My dad wasn't feeling well.  He had a bad cold.  Poor guy!  But he was happy to stay in the hotel room and nap.  Later we came back and got dad and headed to Jacob's school.  He gave us a tour of the school and showed us the part of the hospital that he will be working in.  We finished the night with a delicious pizza dinner at Grinders.
     On Saturday it was my Mom's birthday.  We celebrated by shopping, getting massages, and pedicures.  It was so much fun.  For dinner we went to Houston's and had delicious steak dinners.  I am so grateful for my mom and I was so happy to spend the day with her.

     On Sunday Jacob made all of us crepes for breakfast.  They were delicious.  We all went to church together.  I was called into young women's as a mia maid advisor.  It was my first sunday in there and it was fun to have my mom come with me.  Jacob took dad to elders quorum.  Before we went home we took some pictures at the temple.  It is so wonderful to have the temple and our church in the same parking lot.  After church we took naps and made delicious cafe rio pork salads and burritos.  We are still enjoying leftovers!  We worked on hanging pictures and decorations on the walls.  We ended the night with a game of uno.

     Today we all slept in, except for Jacob who is the most dedicated person I know.  He studied while we slept.  The weather was beautiful today.  We went to the pool and laid out for a couple hours.  I am a little sun burned but it was so nice to relax in the sun.  We stopped at Sonic for lunch on the way home.  We came home and got ready to leave for the airport.  Before we went to the airport we had to get a little bit more shopping in.  So we stopped at Dillards on the way.  I got a super cute vera bradley purse and a new dress.  I was so sad to say goodbye.  I feel so blessed that they were able to come visit.  We are going home for Thanksgiving and I can't wait.
     It hasn't rained all summer and it poured rain the first 2 days they were here.  We were happy for the rain, but they didn't really get to see Kansas City until Sunday when it stopped raining.
     I had such a wonderful time with my parents.  They are so thoughtful and loving.  I am so grateful for them and all that they do for me.