Sunday, December 2, 2012


This Thanksgiving we went to Colorado to see my family.  We had a great time!  I went to see Richard to get my hair done while Jacob went shooting with my brother and dad.  We introduced Jacob to Willy's wings, ran the Gobble Wobble on Thanksgiving morning, ran red rocks, went to a nuggets game, saw the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, did some black Friday shopping, I got my nails done with my sisters and mom, and enjoyed lots of time with family.  We had lots of fun and wished we could have stayed longer.   I am so very grateful for everything that they do for me and their generosity and love for me and Jacob.

     I was so excited to go and see Brooklyn.  Unfortunately she is in the stranger danger phase and cried every time Jacob and I looked at her.  I was not going to give up!  That little girl has a big sweet tooth and I was determined to get her to like me.  I offered her all the sweet tarts and nerds that her mother would let me and by Sunday she let me hold her!  I was so excited, but so sad we had to leave so hopefully she will remember us in California at the end of this month.  She is so cute and has such a fun personality.  We loved watching her play, laugh, and discover new things.

     It has become a tradition with my family for the girls to do a craft on Thanksgiving eve.  This year we painted shutters and cute clothes pins to use to hang pictures and mail.  They turned out so cute.  I made a green, black, and white one to match our bedroom.
We have so much to be grateful for.  I have been blessed with such a great job and Jacob with his schooling.  We are both healthy and happy.  We have had a great year together.  We are so grateful for our family, our home, for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for each other.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


My parents bought me a sewing machine as a graduation present a couple months ago.  I don't know much about sewing, but I know it is a very useful skill.  I want to be crafty and be able to make and fix things for my family.  I thought it would be best to start with something simple.  We don't have many Christmas decorations so when I came across this website I knew I wanted to make Christmas stockings.  I found some cute fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby so it was a cheap craft.  They aren't perfect and I had to use the seam ripper a few times, but I was really happy with the way they turned out.

New sewing machine from mom and dad

Jacob's Stocking (He thinks it's a little girly,
but my fabric selection wasn't huge) 

My Stocking
I can't wait to hang these over our fireplace.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Young Women in Excellence Night

I am the personal progress advisor for the young women in our ward.  A few weeks ago I was asked to be in charge of young women in excellence.  I was very nervous and overwhelmed at first, but with the help of pinterest and my wonderful mom we came up with lots of great ideas.  The mutual theme for the year is Arise and Shine Forth.  I thought this would be a great theme to use for excellence night.  I saw this cute idea on pinterest where they had different lamps in each of the value colors.  I decided to copy it and it turned out wonderful.  I was a woman on a mission searching for lamps in all the colors.  I went to so many stores and was so happy when I found the last one on the morning of yw in excellence.  I had a different person speak on each value briefly.  At the end I spoke and tied in the light analogy with all of the values.  For refreshments I did all yellow to stick with the light theme.  We had lemon bars, cupcakes with yellow frosting, and pretzels I dipped in almond bark and then coated with yellow sprinkles.  We just had water, but I added lemon slices to keep the yellow.  It was a wonderful night!  The girls are so talented.  They brought in their instruments, drawings, things they've sewn, goody's they have baked, and so much more.  I was so impressed with all of them.  It is so fun to be in young women's again.  It was only a few years ago that I was a young woman, so I feel right at home.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

One year ago today Jacob asked me to marry him!  The best choice I ever made was to say yes.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how much has changed.  Who knew I'd be living in Missouri working as a nanny while my husband goes to medical school.  I am so very grateful for Jacob and his hard work and dedication to school and his love for me.  We have a lot of fun together and I love him so very much!

Engagement Picture

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I finally did it!  My education is very important to me, so I was not going to let anything stop me from finishing my degree.  I was so close to being done with school when I got married in December.  We moved to Kansas City two weeks after so Jacob could start school.  I had two general education courses left.  I had worked with a school counselor earlier on as we knew that leaving in December would be a possibility.  Instead of taking 20 credits my last semester while planning my wedding, I was able to take a political science class online through BYU independent study that would cover both the classes I needed.  It took me way longer than I would have liked, but I finished!  I am so very grateful that I was able to go to BYU.  I had so much fun and learned so many new things.  I met so many wonderful people and had some great experiences.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Mom and Dad Come to Town

     This weekend my parents came to visit.  It was my dad's first time to Kansas City and it was so fun to have them here.  They came in on Friday morning.  I brought them to our place and showed them around and soon mom and I were off shopping looking for new decorations.  My dad wasn't feeling well.  He had a bad cold.  Poor guy!  But he was happy to stay in the hotel room and nap.  Later we came back and got dad and headed to Jacob's school.  He gave us a tour of the school and showed us the part of the hospital that he will be working in.  We finished the night with a delicious pizza dinner at Grinders.
     On Saturday it was my Mom's birthday.  We celebrated by shopping, getting massages, and pedicures.  It was so much fun.  For dinner we went to Houston's and had delicious steak dinners.  I am so grateful for my mom and I was so happy to spend the day with her.

     On Sunday Jacob made all of us crepes for breakfast.  They were delicious.  We all went to church together.  I was called into young women's as a mia maid advisor.  It was my first sunday in there and it was fun to have my mom come with me.  Jacob took dad to elders quorum.  Before we went home we took some pictures at the temple.  It is so wonderful to have the temple and our church in the same parking lot.  After church we took naps and made delicious cafe rio pork salads and burritos.  We are still enjoying leftovers!  We worked on hanging pictures and decorations on the walls.  We ended the night with a game of uno.

     Today we all slept in, except for Jacob who is the most dedicated person I know.  He studied while we slept.  The weather was beautiful today.  We went to the pool and laid out for a couple hours.  I am a little sun burned but it was so nice to relax in the sun.  We stopped at Sonic for lunch on the way home.  We came home and got ready to leave for the airport.  Before we went to the airport we had to get a little bit more shopping in.  So we stopped at Dillards on the way.  I got a super cute vera bradley purse and a new dress.  I was so sad to say goodbye.  I feel so blessed that they were able to come visit.  We are going home for Thanksgiving and I can't wait.
     It hasn't rained all summer and it poured rain the first 2 days they were here.  We were happy for the rain, but they didn't really get to see Kansas City until Sunday when it stopped raining.
     I had such a wonderful time with my parents.  They are so thoughtful and loving.  I am so grateful for them and all that they do for me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8 Months

     Today we have been married for 8 months!  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  My life has changed in so many ways and I could not be happier.  It has been a fun adventure and it just keeps getting better.  I am excited to see what the next 8 months has in store for us.

This past weekend we went to the an ethnic festival.  They served food from all over world.  It was neat to see people from so many different cultures.  Jacob got food from Turkey and I got food from Samoa and then we went to France and ate crepes.   

Thursday, August 16, 2012

White Coat

     Jacob's white coat ceremony was on Saturday.  I am so proud of him and all of his hard work in school.  He is so dedicated to his learning and such a hard worker.  He amazes me.   He has done great and it makes me so happy to see him succeed.  His parents came down and came with us to the ceremony.  It was fun to see them.  Afterwards we came back to our place and made our favorite salad.          
     The weather here has been insanely hot this summer.  Over 100 almost everyday.  It finally cooled down a little bit (maybe to like 80) saturday night so we were able to go out and play ladder ball, one of our favorite games, and spend some time together.  It was a wonderful day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A little update

     I have started at my new job.  It has been a lot of fun.  I am a nanny for two kids.  One has been away at camp since I started so it has just been me and William.  He is 10 and we have had lots of fun going to the pool, movies, arcade, museum, and lots of other fun adventures.  We even road go karts one day.
     Jacob had a two week break from school at the end of July.  We were able to spend a few days together before I started my new job.  We went to his parents house and celebrated a belated birthday for him.  He was so busy with school when his birthday came, so we just decided to wait until he had a break.  We ate dinner and played games with them and we stayed the night.  They live in St. Joseph, about an hour away so it is nice that we get to see them every once in a while. 
     We've had a few other adventures that we've squeezed in between all the studying and work.  We saw the new batman movie.  We both really enjoyed it.  I finally finished my online class and can now say that I have officially graduated from BYU!  It feels so great to have that done.  I have absolutely loved watching the olympics.  I love cheering for the USA.  We love Tuesday nights at buffalo wild wings for $.50 cents wings and we've recently started watching Boy Meets World starting from season 1 and we are now on season 3.  It's such a great show!
     It's been almost 8 months that we have been married and lived in Missouri.  Time has gone by so fast.  It has been a crazy fun adventure and I have learned so much!  

Friday, July 6, 2012


There are lots of NEW things happening!
1.  We are living in a NEW place.  We moved from the ghetto!  Jacob had a classmate that decided to go to a different school.  He needed to sell his contract so he wouldn't get stuck paying for it all year.  Lucky for us we were able to get out of our place by paying two months rent.  We did not feel we had the money to do this, but when his friend said he would pay the fee, we were all over it.  We packed up our stuff and within 2 weeks we were in our NEW place.  It is a super cute duplex.  It has 3 bedrooms and it is in a cul-de-sac.  It is fairly NEW and we love living here.  We had been looking at lots of town homes and duplexes so we could move somewhere great once our contract was up and when this offer came we couldn't pass it up.  The price was right and it has so many other great things about it.

2.  Well because we have a NEW home, we now have a NEW ward.  There are so many young couples and families.  I have met a few and I can't wait to meet more.  I am really trying to get out of my comfort zone and meet NEW people.  I get nervous doing things by myself, but I went to the relief society activity last night and I met more awesome women.  I was so happy I went.  We have only been in the ward for 2 sundays now, so we don't have callings yet, but I'm sure we will soon.  We are looking forward to being in the NEW ward and getting to meet NEW people.  Our church building is in the same parking lot as the brand NEW temple.  It is so wonderful see the temple every time we go to church.

3.  Last, but not least, I have a NEW job!  I have been working with kids with emotional and behavioral problems since the beginning of the year  I was really enjoying it until this summer.  I was really excited to be a group leader, but things just weren't working out.  I had a tough bunch of kids and I was ready to try something new.  So i quit.  I was really nervous about quitting because I didn't know how long it would be until I had another job and it is scary to not have money coming in regularly.  I had signed up on hoping I could find a nanny job. Well I did and the job is awesome!  I will be the nanny for 2 kiddos a 10 year old boy and 11 year old girl.  I met them on wednesday and they were so wonderful.  I wasn't sure if this job would work out during the school year because the kids would be going back to school and I need a full time job, but they said they would still use me full time during the year to help run errands.  The pay is great and I absolutely loved the kids after meeting them.  It was truly a blessing to find this job and I am so very grateful and excited for it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!

I love my dad.  He is awesome and has always been there for me.  He was always up late helping me with homework in high school... and college.  He is a genius and I am so grateful he is my dad.  He is my price is right buddy! PIR! We watched together everyday during the summer after I came home from swim practice.  He and my mom took me for my 18th birthday. It was awesome!  He helped pay for my school and has made my life so much easier and happy in so many ways.  He is a wonderful dad!  Thank you!

I have a new dad now that I am married.  My father-in-law is a very hardworking man and a great example to me.  I am so grateful that he raised such a wonderful son.  I had the opportunity to spend the day with just me and him this weekend as he helped us move.  He was such a big help.  Jacob is so busy with school, so he offered to come down and we moved almost everything in one day.  It was great!  I am so grateful for his willingness to serve us.  We even took a little break to have some fun...

Last but definitely not least I am so grateful for my husband who will be the father of our future children.  He will be a great dad.  I am so grateful for his love and support!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Break

Jacob had two weeks off from school and we filled it with lots of fun things!  We started off by going to St. Louis to visit his brother Ben and go to some new places.  I saw the arch for the first time.  It was so neat.  We went to the zoo, the science center, the temple, a cardinals baseball game, and had lots of fun with his family.  We even got to see one of our nieces perform in her orchestra concert.  We enjoyed walking the girls to the bus stop in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon.  We had so much and it was great to have so much time together and for Jacob to have a break from school.

We had so much fun at the Cardinals game! 
(Sorry the picture is a little dark)

The St. Louis Arch

We came back on Wednesday and I left for Colorado the next day to go to Skippy's graduation.  I can't believe how grown up she is.  She will be going to Utah state next year and I am so proud of her.  I love you Skippy!  It was fun to be home and see family and friends.  My mom put on an awesome party for Skippy.  It was great.  I was able to see richard for a much needed hair appointment and I got to go to Taylor and Kyle's wedding reception.  On Sunday I got to go to Austin Meldrum's mission homecoming.  He did a great job.  The people of Guam were lucky to have him as a missionary.  The Allen's came to visit from Texas.  It was so fun to see their cute kids and how much they have grown.  Kim and I went running one day and I think the altitude about killed us!  It was a short but sweet trip.

I had a busy week of training for work, but my mom, Lauren, and Brooklyn came on Friday.  Lauren and I ran the Hospital Hill half marathon today.  It was brutal, end of story!  We were told by some lady that it is ranked as one of the top 5 hardest half marathons.  We probably should have paid more attention to the name Hospital HILL.  We ran up lots and lots and lots of hills.  We were dead, but in the end we were so happy to have accomplished it.  We all took naps and then headed out to do some shopping and go out to eat.  It was wonderful to have them come visit!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Time

     I am new to the blogging world!  I want a blog so I can keep up with my friends and family as we all move on to bigger and better things.  Distance doesn't have to let friendships fade.  It's a good way to keep up on the latest with everyone and to share your life with others.  It's also a good journal to keep for yourself.  So here I am starting my first blog for the Voelkel family!
     Jacob and I have been married now for almost 5 months.  It has been a crazy fun adventure!  Less than 2 weeks after we were married we moved to Kansas City and Jacob started medical school.  We live in a loft down town.  City living was new to both of us, but we are making the most of it and our little home is starting to grow on us.  School is keeping Jacob very busy, but he enjoys what he is learning.  He is such a hard worker and I love him for that.  I am currently working for an organization designed to help youth who struggle with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.  I absolutely love working with children and helping them to reach their goals.  I am working on my last class online so I can graduate.  I didn't think it would be this difficult to finish ONE class, but it's coming along and I will graduate in August with my degree in Exercise Science from BYU.  Life is great and we feel so blessed for all that we have been given.

We took a Sunday walk down by the Missouri River.

Rockies Spring training in AZ with my family.

Rustler's Roost slide.

Kansas City temple.  It is such a great blessing to have a temple so close.

We built a fort in the living room and slept in it for two days.  We didn't want to sleep on the concrete so we carried the mattress out :)